MMAforMoney’s FULL Season NFL Subscription


Celebrate MMAforMoney’s 20th Anniversary of releasing picks online, with our 2019-20 NFL FULL Season package! Along with MMA & NASCAR, FOOTBALL is one of MMAforMoney’s best sports, year after year! The legendary Sportsbook Director & former Oddsmaker, utilizes a quantitative analytical approach combining data from statistical models, information from friends & colleagues (Vegas & Offshore Oddsmakers/Line Managers/Sportsbook Directors) within the Sports Betting Industry, Professional Betting Groups, and family members in the league!

  • 58% lifetime win rate on NFL Betting Selections since 1999.
  • Subscribers include former D1 & NFL Athletes, Scouts & Coaching Personnel, Industry Professionals (Current & Former Oddsmakers & Line Managers), WSOP Main Event Champions, etc…
  • MMAforMoney’s Betting Selections have single-handedly moved lines in Vegas & Offshore, both publicly & privately.

2019 NFL Package (Including Playoffs & Super Bowl)
(Subscription Length: Expires 2/2/2020)

1.) Every NFL Pick that @MMAforMoney plays!
– Every single pick that @MMAforMoney personally plays during the 2019-20 NFL SEASON, including futures, and score margin prop plays! Las Vegas Super Contest Plays via Request every Friday Night!

2.) SMS Text Alerts!
– Every pick texted to your cell phone minutes after @MMAforMoney plays them himself! Never miss a play again!

3.) Monthly Earnings Report!
– Just like your financial advisor, you’ll receive an organized monthly report of profits & losses!

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